Who we are

"Farmers since 1935"bodegasdelpino7_isabelcabello

MonteBlanco is a new full range of high quality, organic products produced by Luis del Pino, S.L.

Our family has been farming in this region since 1935, producing  Olive Oils, Montilla-Moriles D.O. wines, and wine vinegars. Concern for the environment led us in 2002 to implement a new initiative to develop a line of organic products.

Today, we are proud to offer a comprehensive, organic range which includes: extra virgin olive oil, wines, especially the dessert wine Pedro Ximenez, wine vinegars, arrope, and olives. Our entire line is  Comité Andaluz de Agricultura Ecologica (CAAE) certified.

We are located in the south of the Cordoba province of  Andalucia, Spain. Our area is formed by rolling hills of “Albariza.” The very chalky Albariza soil lends sello-CAAEour products a special smoothness and an outstanding quality while its renowned moisture retention aids in our goal of reducing water consumption.

Monteblanco and Luis Pino cultivate several farms, known as: “Los pollos”and “El Alcaudon”, vineyards and olive groves, which a total of 100 hectares, where we have left untapped land to plant walnuts, carob trees and hackberries, that allow a better development of the native flora and fauna.

We are also promoting the development of wild birds, with the placement of nests throughout the farms. MonteBlanco has also implemented  a separate project with local farmers to encourage the planting of  organic vegetables, including as asparagus and broccoli,  with plans to expand these cultives to other varieties.

 "Encouranging the plantation of organic vegetables" them."

Monteblanco believes that eating should be elevated; a pleasure to our senses while providing for our nutritional needs.  It is with this goal we aim to produce foods with the highest natural nutritional values, quality, and, most importantly, flavor while protecting and improving the environment.