Our commitment

 "To leave the lands in better condition than we found them." 

From the beginning of our company development through all of the choices we make, we at monteblanco, are guided  by our motto: "To leave the lands in better condition than we found them." It is our conviction that if we depend on the land to provide us with the healthiest of foods, we must, in turn, sustain and nurture the land by providing it with only suitable organic fertilizers and treatments and eliminating the use of toxic products which can be damaging or adversely affect the land and consumers.bodegasdelpino14_isabelcabello

Our imperative is to leave future generations a better planet than we received, and although we may not be able to affect the entire planet,  we are committed to this goal in the small portion that has been entrusted  into our care.

"Our interest here goes beyond the fruit  to the intrinsic quality of their nutrients".

Our second commitment is to quality. Our interest here goes beyond the fruit  to the intrinsic quality of their nutrients.  A growing body of evidence is showing that the vitamins, proteins, and essential oils in organic fruits are superior to conventional fruits.

Additionally, mono-unsaturated fats (healthy), bioactive (antioxidant functions) and polyphenols may be more abundant in organic foods.

At monteblanco we believe that our organic fruit has a significantly  better, more natural  flavor  with a fuller body and more natural aroma than conventional fruit.

We achieve this  “authentic quality”  by carefully selecting our organic seeds, using only minimally required organic fertilizers and treatments. Additionally, we ensure to use proportional amounts of water and to ensure care of the surrounding environment.

"We strive to protect the habitats of the local birds and animals".

fruitMonteblanco understands that we have entered into a tacit pact with nature in which we are bound to care for our  lands and, in turn, may reap its best fruits.  We recognize that it is not enough to only apply ecological techniques to our growing  land and  processes but for long term sustainability we must also take stewardship of the overall environment surrounding our land.

It is important in MonteBlanco that the “cycle of life”, around our farms, develops naturally, therefore animal fauna plays an important role. We strive to protect the habitats of the local birds and animals.

Within our boundaries  we work to maintain in  the autochthonous flora. In addition to the our care of the growing fields, surrounding parcels  are dedicated for planting and developing native trees that serve as a refuge for animals, while aiding the natural retention of  water and moisture.  It is only through a deep respect for our land and environment that we strive to nurture it and allow it to nurture us with its fruits.